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    ‘Inner Sanctum’

    abstract, art, exhibition, painting
    About This Project


    BODY OF WORK: ‘Inner Sanctum’


    YEAR: 2020


    MEDIUM: Acrylic on canvas, card and board.




    Inner Sanctum, a collection born at a time that is what we’d all agree is unprecedented. We’re living in the ‘time of coronavirus’, amidst a one in a hundred year global pandemic. For most of us, life now to what is was is unrecognisable, with both unforeseen benefits and undeniable challenges.


    This time for me has been consumed with drastic changes to my life both personally and professionally, and all the while I’ve been pregnant with my first baby. It’s been a time of extreme paradox and polarity, and yet with a paintbrush in hand, I’ve found some sense and contentment as I explore what it is to be in this time, sitting quietly in my studio.


    Pushing paint around various mediums exploring balance and colour with a sense of softness and a quieter, contemplative state of mind. These pieces lead the imagination to a more mystical place with their intriguing metallic and iridescent accents and sweeping gestures.


    My hope for this body of work is to bring you that same sense of content, intrigue and mystery that they bring me. Calling you back to meditate and ponder, consider it again from an alternate angle, discovering another magic moment with each sitting. It is those feelings that compromise the comfort of the Inner Sanctum.


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    ARTWORKS (in order  of  viewing)


    ‘Space and Time’ and ‘In Orbit’
    Acrylic on card
    15.5 x 21cm


    ‘Space and Time’ (detail)


    ‘In Orbit’ (detail)

    ‘Heightened State’
    Acrylic on canvas
    71.5 x 96.5cm
    Framed in raw Victorian Ash


    ‘Heightened State’ (detail)


    Acrylic on board
    20 x 25cm


    ‘Moonrise’ (detail)


    ‘Sweet Solace’
    Acrylic on card
    16 x 22cm


    ‘Pink Moon’
    Acrylic on card
    16 x 22cm


    ‘Astral Alignment’
    Acrylic on card
    14.5 x 21cm


    ‘Moonlit Meditation’
    Acrylic on canvas
    39 x 30cm


    ‘Moonlit Meditation’ (detail)


    ‘Amethyst Eclipse’
    Acrylic on canvas
    40 x 50cm


    ‘Lady Luna’
    Acrylic on canvas
    40 x 50cm


    ‘This is the Place’
    Acrylic on canvas
    72 x 63cm
    Framed in raw Victorian Ash


    ‘This is the Place’ (detail)


    ‘Serene Shores’
    Acrylic on canvas
    41 x 32cm
    Framed in raw Victorian Ash


    ‘Serene Shores’ (detail)


    ‘Full Moon’
    Acrylic on canvas
    60 x 90cm


    ‘Full Moon’ (detail)